Based in Sweden a tight knitted team of experts in power electronics and mechanical engineering. We design and manufacture ultra-lightweight high performance electric surfboards.

Currently available through invitation-only, as we have more orders than what we produce.

The ESURF BETA is an extreme performance jetboard primarily intended for buoy racing and waves freestyle-acrobatics. Unmatched: accelerations, top speed, power to weight ratio, lifetime, maintenance-free and build quality. Ride-time is 30 minutes (real earth minutes, averaging a consumption of 6,4 kW (8,6 HP) including a rider of 90 kg maintaining what we call buoy racing-speed and that includes insane burst-accelerations of 25+HP between buoys resulting in instant accelerations to top speeds of 60+ km/h).

We design and manufacture in-house: hull, jet, motor, all PCBs, battery-packs, throttle, charger and all software.
We OEM: Bindings, fins and board-bag.


  • ESURF BETA BOARD (25+ HP or custom, 172 x 58 x 12 cm and 9,8 kg) 12,500 EUR *
  • ESURF BATTERY-PACK (30 minutes ride time and 14,8 kg) 2,500 EUR
  • ESURF COMPACT CHARGER (140 minutes to full, 0,95 kg) 250 EUR

* ESURF BETA BOARD includes fins, bindings and travel-bag. Does not include battery-pack(s) or charger(s), which are sold at cost as a customer service.


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